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What programs “aren’t working” or are corrupt and need to cut from the national budget?

Farm subsidies should be either cut out entirely or slashed down to special cases, such as modernizing stock handling and conversion to organic farming. Oil and gas subsidies should be cut out entirely. A great many military projects could be cut without harm to the overall preparedness of the military. There’s waste and mismanagement throughout the system, as well as poor allocation of the available resources. For example, the IRS enforcement is pathetic. We could save a huge bundle by ending the war on drugs, turning the issue over to doctors and social workers instead of cops and courts and prisons. We could stop minting pennies, which cost more to make than their face value. I figure every department of our vast government could find ways to cut their budgets if they were motivated to do so.

Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY) Penny Stock Trading Chart_5/8/2013

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