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How is someone supposed to get by waiting on a disability claim?

I retired 4 years ago but I’m still only 60. I never felt I would have to work again until some very corrupt CEO’s and banking system caused this crash in the stock market. Now, however, I am unable to work due to several physical problems and I’m trying to plod through this mess we call Social Security Disability. Since I can’t file for unemployment and I can’t work, what am I supposed to do for the 1 to 2 years it takes to get approved, assuming I do get approved?

you will need to be very creative with your resources,sell everything you own,borrow from family and friends-learn how to make your own dogfood,make every penny count,recycle all your metal,sell your collections,jewelry,tools…it sux

Minerco Resources, Inc. (MINE) Penny Stock Trading Chart_8/12/2013

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