Penny Stock Predictions

penny stock predictions
How much will cpst be by the end of deciember?

My friend says it will have gone up a dollar i dont how much or even a guess how much do you guys think(capstone i spelled it wrong i think)

CPST is a great trading stock. I’d never hold it more than a week at a time. I’ve done well in it over the past two years (trading… not holding).

People predicting a stock (any stock) will go up by x% or x$ are either fooling you or themselves (or both). I assume this person is a billionaire that’s made many of these correct predictions (that’s why they’re a billionaire).

CPST is a penny stock (under $5). Traders (like me) love to fake out amateurs. I’ll sell you my shares & buy yours when you’ve lost too much money.

Penny stocks should only be traded by experianced investors. People that “dream”, “predict”, “hope” or “expect” get taken to lunch with these stocks.

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