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Penny Stocks 2013

Penny Stocks 2013

WFM is expanding and opening new stores: Ye their stock is DOWN in the most bullish of markets.What went wrong?

Well on the last quarterly report they beat EPS by a penny, however, same-store sales growth came in at 7.2 percent, below estimates of 7.7 percent. They lowered guidance for 2013 sales growth to 6.6-8 percent from 6.5-8.5 percent. Thus their shares plummeted.

Whole foods is trading at 32 times earnings, so you are paying up for growth. When a company this expensive misses expectations they can sell off sharply.

I dont know what the person above me is saying exactly because they have almost no debt on their balance sheet.

American Community Development Group, Inc. (ACYD) Penny Stock Trading Chart_12/12/2013

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