Penny Stock Fortunes

penny stock fortunes
Is it going to be the great depression again?

Are we going to go through the great depression again…

Is there anyone whos going to save the share markets or are we most likley stuffed?

I hate to be the voice of pessimism, but things are not looking good right now. All the elements are there as they were in 1929. I think it is possible we could get into a depression. I would not dwell on it. Those who have low debt will do much better during a severe economic down turn. I assume when you mention shares that you are talking about the stock market? As long as people are scared the market will remain in flux. When people’s fears are calmed the market will settle down. During the depression of 1929 there were those who prospered. Fortunes were made during that time. Those with cash were buying up businesses for pennies on the dollar. There were many more who lost everything than made fortunes.

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