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Penny Stocks In 2013

Penny Stocks In 2013

What are the regulatory requirements for OTCQB market stocks HELP I’M CONFUSED?


So there’s a company and yes it’s a penny stock on the OTCQG that I have done exclusive research in and I want to buy. I’ve looked at the companies income statements and they reported their financials like their income statement back in 2012 shows that there is income reported for all four quarters.

One of the quarters was the end of March 2012. The last quarter their income was reported was The End of December 2012 (ALMOST 5 MONTHS AGO) and unlike 2012 I can’t find a quarterly report for this March. Why could that be?

I was thinking that maybe they only have to file once a year for all 4 quarters meaning that they won’t file again until the end of December but you will get to see all 4 quarters at once? Do they just not have to file and so they aren’t doing it? Any help in advance is nice thanks guys.

It’s only the beginning of May. The March 2013 quarter results won’t be out yet.

Make Money Investing In Penny Stocks: 2013

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Penny Stocks For Dummies


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