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penny stock resources
Is it possible to determine the liquidity of a penny stock?

I have made huge profits in penny stocks in stock games (I use pump and dumps created by other people as opportunities to make a lot of $) and I understand the risk but I still want to start investing some money (maybe a few hundred). The question is, can I actually check the liquidity of a penny stock (or any other stock)? Is there a resource that tells me how many shares of the stock are being bought/sold (at least over the past month or so) to determine if the stock is actually trading and if I will be able to sell it once I buy it?


Penny stocks are the riskiest part of the market, totally inappropriate for a novice.

Please read the SEC warning link below to see if you really understand the risks.

You can look up a stock’s average daily volume to get some idea of liquidity. However, it is notoriously unreliable for penny stocks. Volume from the “pump” vanishes totally in the “dump” phase.

Really bad idea to try to out-scam the scammers. You will lose.

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