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penny stocks india
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im from india,i want to invest in stocks.but i know nothing about it . could someone advice me.?

Here’s what I think you need to know about stocks and trading in general:
A] The market is a living, breathing thing. You are trading people. You are not trading stocks or anything else. On Wall Street there aren’t any gifts.

B] You can earn money when the stock you choose goes up!
You dan earn money when the stock you choose goes down.
You can earn money when the stock you choose goes sideways.
I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT: I earned money ALL three ways.

Keep in mind: trade in the direction of the market. Many times the stock will trade the same way as the market is going.

C] Bulls (Buyers) earn money.
Bears (Sellers) earn money.
Pigs get fat.
Hogs (Greedy Traders) get slaughtered. Those people lose the money in their trading accounts.

D] Trees don’t grow to Heaven – neither do stocks.

E] For each and every strategy, you must have a set of written rules for that trading strategy.

F] For each and every trade: Plan the trade AND trade your plan. Don’t “chase” or go after any stock. Let the trade come to you.

G] When you break your own trading rules, you have a very high risk of breaking your trading account.

When the trade goes against you – you are losing money – get out!

H] V.I.C. P.I.E.
Volume Is the Cause. Price Is the Effect.

I] Stay away from penny stocks or stocks ending in .BB AND .PK; although these are very inexpensive they are EXTREMEMLY risky.

J] As far as those promotions and literature you get in the mail: Do your OWN investigating and checking out of that stock.
(Refer to Rule A])

K] When you open your trading account, you want to open it as a “speculator” AND get approval for a margin account AND to trade options.

You cannot be a day trader or a scalper with a balance less than $25,000 U.S. in your trading account.

When you open your account, you will be given LOTS of literature to read AND understand. READ IT AND UNDERSTAND IT!

L] Two free wonderful on-line sites are AND – yes, there are many others.

I haven’t scratched the surface. This is the bare essentials or facts. THERE ARE MANY MORE!

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name.

penny stocks india

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