Penny Stock Disaster

penny stock disaster
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stock; BHH any takers?

I am looking at BHH and ENT anyone have their druthers? I like how these ETF’s have potential with a fund-like stable hand.
BHH is rated poor but what I see is potential gain in the next few weeks- 2 years. (in the internet markets itself)

ENT over the last 2 years has been a disaster.
BHH is too much like a “penny stock” for my money. It is too thinly traded.
Compare them to SPY. You can buy less than 100 shares if need be to match your capital. You can invest in mutual funds that imitate SPY in an amount that you are comfortable with.
For the last 12 months, SPY has been the superior play.
Can you match the previous 12 months? Maybe. It’s too risky for me.

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