Penny Stock Risks

penny stock risks
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Does anybody know of any good penny stocks?

I want to know if anybody knows of any good penny stocks that might be poised to make great returns in good time? Please give a good answer to earn 5 star best answer.

With any penny stock you choose to invest in, it’s a gamble. Obviously. BUT I believe I found a killer stock that shows great promise. I love Rentech, the stock ticker is RTK. I bought in at 70 cents two days ago, and unfortunately the market dropped over 250 points in the past few days, making RTK drop to 60 cents, so now it’s at even MORE of a steal. I just put in another thou into it today because it’ll pick back up when the market turns around at the end of the week. (All data points to a rally towards the end of the week right now)

Here’s why I think RTK is a stock set to EXPLODE within two years: The company specializes in alternative fuel. With global wamring hysteria 24/7 and world leaders constantly trying to find cleaner, more efficient fuels, RTK is the best company in this field. They make synthetic fuel from GARBAGE! The U.S. Air Force just signed a contract with RTK to use their fuel for millions of gallons of fuel for their planes. And we’re in a war right now, so you can bet that the Air Force is going to be very busy.

Keep in mind that there is always a risk with penny stocks. But of all the penny stocks I know of, I believe (as does my stock broker) that RTK is a very, very solid buy.

Best of luck to ya!

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