Penny Stock Fortunes

penny stock fortunes
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Are Penny Stocks worth investing in?

I was wondering if penny stocks are a real investment path or its just a scam. Can you actually make money off penny stocks?

yes on the London AIM ,made a small fortune with NTOG,AMI,KAH and right now have made over £ 6,000 on Urals Energy( UEN ) – having invested £10,000 at 10 pence and that is now over 16 pence BUT as soon as the herd begins to sell i will also and then wait until it stops and the obvious rebound occurs with another £ 10,000 buy ,and just keep repeating that sequence ,
btw sold ALL NTOG,bought 3 million of those at 0.30(average) pence a share and sold at 2 ½ pence many moons ago, so yes penny share’s in the U.K. can be extremely profitable IF you know what your doing and are chart literate ,just like spread betting – the Euro Greek farce was tremendous,lol..

The Secret To Make An ABSOLUTE FORTUNE With Penny Stocks!

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