Penny Stock Predictions

penny stock predictions
What job could i do later on… I cant go to school anymore i gave up..?

What job could i do later on… I cant go to school anymore i gave up..

My french and english is finished..My maths are grade 3(Secondary) Or in High School Grade 10…

What kind of job could i do.. ?

A bunch of manual labor. If you’re smart / if you can still live at your parents:

Work a boring job like warehouses/storage for 1 to 2 years. You will save up around $20k at the minimum provided that you have no rent to pay (get to live at parents)

Set up small-time business operations like export-import, professional betting based on mathematical odds and prediction of outcomes, researching penny stock companies & finding an extremely lucrative one which will rise in price etc..

You can set up bigger business once you gain a good credit level & more money or if you can enlist in a stock exchange

Life is not as black and white as “sit your ass off in school or scrub toilets for 40 years”. If you utilize your brains you will find it possible to make a future for yourself in multiple ways.

Money is the ultimate goal of most degrees and education. If you are intelligent you can skip a lot of obstacles and go straight to the source. How you get money is not important in this world, but how much of it you have. If you want to discuss further any time in the future, drop a mail.

Also, don’t fall for ‘get rich quick’ schemes and ridiculous multi-level marketing ‘jobs’. The best way to create wealth is through rigorous work, persistence, and accumulation of capital without loans (though loans can work if you know what you’re doing).

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