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Audi A4 headlights flickering?

I have been experiencing problems with y headlights on my 2006 Audi A4 3.2. The lights, mainly the drivers side light, flicker for a minute or so and go out. The message “left dipped headlight” then appears on the dash until I turn the lights off and on again. This worked for a while but the problem has gotten worse and is almost non-stop. I have done research and have found multiple things it could be but I know for a fact it isn’t the bulbs themselves.
What are the possible causes and fixes for the problem? Also, are there any ways I can diagnose any problems before going to the mechanic and shelling out a lot of money?

I know that the 2006 Audi A4 3.2 comes with HID Headlights from factory. And you believe it isn’t the bulb that is faulty. It could be a loose wiring on that driver side headlight. However, I believe the only other reason why only one side is flickering and then going-out would be that the ‘ballast’ is going out(this is a pretty common defect). I also recommend you not to try to ‘fix’ it by opening the ballast because that is highly dangerous.

Just a call to your local Audi dealership and ask for a ballast replacement, but this can cost you a pretty penny.

Another way would be to just order an aftermarket HID Kit and replacing your current stock HID ballast and bulbs, it does not take a lot of skill and expertise(some common sense and some hand tools will get you by). You may also opt for the higher/brighter 55W type instead of the typical 35W ones (55W being a lot brighter). You will need to know your headlight bulb type and you will need to relocate the new HID kit ballast as it is not ‘factory’(you may be able to remove your stock ballast and place the aftermarket ballast on the same location without any modification).

There are Slim HID Kits out there; this is a great place I order kits from whenever my customers/friends want HID Kits, bulb replacement etc ~ everything is affordable and low cost.

As for the bulb color, I always go for the 6000K as it is the one closest to white.

And don’t forget some cars will require you to have the ‘Error Code Eliminator’. You may call that shop and ask them questions regarding your vehicle, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help.

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