Penny Stock Predictions

penny stock predictions
How to know movement of stock markets?

I’ve just started using bullbearings fantasy stock trading, as I want to get into trading.

At the moment I’m aimlessly just investing in stocks that I think will go up and down without and proper market research.

Question is, what do I need to check or what research do I need to do on whether i should go long or short on a stock? Also whats your opinion on trading mainstream shares like google microsoft etc, as it seems they are not very volatile therefore not very easy to make alot or lose alot on.

p.s im a complete beginner

There are no tricks or formulas. Study graphs of your favorite shares, recognise the share price gap so you would know where is the lowest and highest points, study company’s financial statement and news from internet or TV daily. They are quite straight forward things to follow but many people make the market prediction is so complicated. The most important thing is ONLY profitable financial statement of a company can make you win the market, not a penny stock=casino. Would you buy shares from a bad or financial trouble company? I would not as well as many out there too. There is no future for investment.

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