Penny Stock Resources

Penny Stock Resources

6,000K to invest! A first timer… What Penny Stocks should I look into?

I would like to know more about the market and really don’t have the resources or even know how to play the market. I dont want to loose all 6K for I have been saving for almost a year and finally felt able to take a chunk and invest.

I’m heavily invested in penny stocks with about half my portfolio cash, the remainder is in more secure stocks with lower risk values. As of last night (Tuesday) my portfolios reflected an overall gain of 63% year-to-date (from Jan. 4th, 2010). Penny stocks have contributed massively.

Pennies require tireless watching and study for they can be treacherous. After all, investors are human and all the more so when investing earned dollars—so market volatility is a given, to be sure.

Take a look at these:


One of these is a Texas oil and gas exploration company holding the largest and most prospective off-shore lease in all of Africa. Another is the foremost high-quality jade mining company in the world. The other two are companies operating in The Republic of China. None of these companies carries any long term debt, all are on the move—higher, we hope. LOL

To learn more about them, visit:

Type each ticker symbol into the search box and study all that comes up. Read what investors have to say but take everything with a grain of caution as many will tout their favorites. These are moving right now but I’m hoping you won’t invest in anything until you’re comfortable in the knowledge that you are ready to operate as an investor. These picks may not be appropriate for you when you’re ready to invest. Learn about the market first, that’s key to success.

Tune out the naysayers who caution you against doing as you wish. You want to know what you might look at, you didn’t ask for lessons in living your life or how to manage your wealth. Also, last year during the meltdown in credit markets, I loaded up on Bank of America at $4.96/share. That great stock was a penny stock at the time!

I love it when people gang up on penny stocks. Mutual funds lose money, too. The obvious difference is that people can blame their mutuals and the government for failure. When I play penny stocks or any other stocks, my successes and failures all rest on me.

Since you’re concerned you might lose your $6,000, why not begin with just part of it? Your results will be slower but at least it will afford you the room to make mistakes without destroying your dream.

Every stock tells a story. Fundamentals point to past results and enable us to evaluate business values but we all know there’s no future in history! Meanwhile, everything will depend upon your ability to add things up. This means grasping the corporate mission, the concept, the business model and plan, the character of management and as important as anything: You’ve got to anticipate how you will react to varying situations. This is so because human impatience and greed and fear work against us. Remaining calm and careful are more important than my words could ever be.

Best of luck to you. I hope you come to love this work as I do. Every day, rain or shine, is a joy when you’ve got some stocks in motion. Each one represents your choices and your dreams.


Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY) Penny Stock Trading Chart_3/7/2013

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