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How do you pay employees if your self-owned business doesn’t take in immediate income?

Lets say I were to open a software company… how do you pay your employees if your company doesn’t take in income right away because your first project is not yet yet complete?

I’m really just wondering… :P

Intuit (the Quickbooks people) did it this way:
When hiring programmers and other staff, they only hired people who agreed to work for shares of stock rather than money. They got one share of stock for every hour worked. So a lot of people had to have the resources to feed, clothe and house themselves, before they ever saw a penny of profit. But their first product (a spreadsheet app I think) was a hit–so they started seeing money from that. But when the took the stock public–they became millionaires, because of all the stock they had accumulated.

Trulan Resources Inc. (TRLR) Penny Stock Trading Chart_5/28/2013

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