Penny Stock Research

penny stock research
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What is some good free penny stock screening software?

I am looking for a nice dark theme penny stock screening software.

vector vest is a good screening software but they don’t cover all the penny stocks
if you subscribe they can list them upon request though – but they do cover some.
It does cost some money – but it has a good selection of low cost stocks that they follow and rate

sharebuilder has a stock screening tool that is pretty good which includes penny stocks
It’s a valuable tool because you can pick all the criteria that you want and it narrows it down from thousands to the few that meet your criteria and it’s worth joining just to use the tool. You can pick the market cap you want for example, stock price, it has many screening criteria.

yahoo answers and have good screening tools also

but you have to know what you are looking for and sometimes I don’t know all the time

pennysleuth supposedly has a penny stock search engine but I don’t know anything about it and I haven’t paid for it – there are many newsletters out there which pump penny stocks but most of these
penny stocks are scams. – I just don’t know much about their offerings since I haven’t paid for them.
Agora Financial is another where they have a lot of information but you have to pay for it –

The best web site that I’ve seen is – and it highlights most of the pump and dump scams out there – and it shows most of the newsletters touting penny stocks and shows which ones have made their alert criteria of being a pump and dump scam – so it’s a valuable site

keep in mind that often you get information after everyone in the know is already bailing out and that’s a big problem with the market in general. Jim Cramer has a number of books and he suggests that you research companies in your local area and look in your local news for stocks in your area because you’ll find out in your local news before they find out on the street normally
and if someone is hiring or laying people off they normally post that in the local newspaper – You can find out by word of mouth things that are happening locally if you ask around.

I dont have the magic solution for you because if I did I’d have a ton of money in the bank which I don’t

I think you can make money off some of these penny stock newsletters if you time everything right but you should keep in mind that you should get in right as soon as they make their new pick and be prepared at some point in time a large dump is going to be coming. But you might be able to make a lot of money if you time it right. Penny stocks are extremely risky and you shouldn’t be risking your living expenses on these.

My suggestion is to pick one sector and then learn that sector very well. For example one guy makes a good living just investing in mining stocks – but the only thing he does is looks at mining stocks – I wouldn’t pick all penny stocks to focus on – I’d only focus on one sector – and focus on
stocks that are in the UNITED STATES and whose investments are in the United States – if you are dealing with foreign interests the SEC can’t really protect you.

I hope you appreciate some of the things I’ve had to say since I invested some time in trying to help you. When you figure out all the answers let me know or at least email me and let me know what you found out.

Penny Stock Research

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