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penny stock recommendations
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Can I make money off promo stocks?

So I know penny stocks are a very risky investment but I was wondering if it is less risky to get into promo penny stocks. I have joined many penny stock recommendation sites which recommend penny stocks. So usually when I get the stock picks the stock will like go up very high percentages for the next day or more, then it will ultimately crash. I will be able to monitor these stocks every minute through market hours. Is there a chance I could make good money if I sell at the right time. Like is it hard to sell the stock?

Very few, if any, make money from “promo” stocks. “Promo” stocks are real “pump &^ dumps”, they pumped up by promoters and when they start to see profits, the sell. And most promoters receive their stocks from exercising rights they receive from the company in payment for pumping the stock.

Penny stocks do not trade in a regulated market so you can not “monitor” these stocks and their movements every minute. Most executions are not reported when they occur but rather at the end of the day when it is too late to react.

If you are a novice, there’s no way you can make “good” money, if you have some experience with trading you may break even. Unless you are sitting on a trading desk, there’s no way in hell any one can make money playing “promo” stocks.

Sure you can always buy these stocks, but when you go to sell them, professional traders have the expression “to whom”

Unless you have extensive trading experience trading penny stocks is foolish, but trying to play :promo” stocks is pure asinine.

Reverse Merger Stock – Penny Stock Recommendations

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