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Which stocks will go up until the end of this year?

Please tell me the symbols of stocks that will go up by the end of this year. thanks

As long as the world economic outlook remains rosy then RIMM, AAPL, and BHP all are good choices.

Only a fool would not tell you their market picks. A stock cannot go up if nobody buys. Why do you think all those idiots are running around pushing penny stocks.

Price per share is not really relavent. Stocks rise in percentages. Good ones do nayway. Look for growth potential.

Apple AAPL just put out the iPhone and talk is of iPhone nano. This phone will revolutionize the medium. When will Apple signa contact in Europe with Vodafone or another carrier?

RIMM – its phone technology enables text messaging etc. A tech stock “on hormones” .

BHP -Billiton a diversified mineing company. Diamonds -yep but think nickle, copper, steel, oil. The world economy is using more of these resources than ever. Nickle is scarce! You know about oil.

Growth stocks are back. Read the Sivey 70.

Watch the Fed. Simplified it means: As long as they are worried about inflation then the economy is going good. If they start talking rate cuts it means they beleive the economy needs a boost. Ironically the markets respond badly to rate increases short term but possitively to rate decreases. And get this, I said worried about inflation or not worried and considering action not actually taking it.

Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY) Penny Stock Trading Chart_3/15/2013

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