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Penny Stocks 2013

Penny Stocks 2013

should i buy xuii stock?

What makes this stock attractive to you??? It cannot be the fundamentals of the company …

It is hard to find any information on this company which from the looks of it seems to want to be a “Groupon” type company. I found this unaudited financial statement

you will find most details about the company….like the Net Income for trailing 9 months from April 2012 to April 2013 went from about – $27,000 to – $998,000…now that is attractive…NOT

You will find this money loser has debts exceeding $1million….another really attractive feature…NOT

There is other not so attractive stuff in that document…their news is the hiring of employees…NOT how they are going to make money….


I will tell you why….there is rag media buzz about the stock….right? That is the sum total of your DD (due dilligence)….I would put money on this :)

Well let’s look at the share price performance,PWUADANCBO[PA][D][F1!3!0.01!!2!20]&pref=G

well for an absolutely worthless company at present the stock is showing some history worth looking at.

$0.42 is the highest this stock has risen to… is the resistance for this stock….It tried to pass this resistance and failed yesterday…we will look to see if it was Pump/Dump in the next chart.

Support is at $0.32 right now

there was a P&D when it first started but now I cannot see it as such…but the chart is not a great one to me…Slow Sto is fine…MACD is fine too…..but the BBWidth barely moved a muscle…you can see that today the $0.32 has almost been tested….

This stock is going to fall lower than $0.32 IMHO…looking back at the P&F for the next support, it would be $0.30…or probably more likely $0.27

this is a sentiment chart for me….look at the RSI….flat…the share price goes from $0.15 to $0.40 gain of about 250% and the RSI is basically flat throughout…the OnBal Vol is bullish but the ADX cannot make up its mind.


Personally (and you are hearing this from a trader that likes penny stocks) I would not touch this stock…there is nothing attractive about the company…no revenue, High debt …nothing that says this stock is going places…look at the financials of Groupon another coupon company…it made money ONE quarter in the last 5…what supports that price of this loser at about $8 is beyond me. Groupon used to be worth $26 and fell to $4.00…somehow it is now worth $8 now but it is another company I would not touch.

Learn to evaluate a stock from a fundamental and technical POV…then you would not have to ask this kind of question…you are listening to the pumpers IMHO…

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