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penny stock brokers
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What is the best way to get into the stock market?

We already have some money in investments but I want to try the stock market. Should I use a broker or do penny stocks or something else? I don’t know much about it.
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We have retirement accounts. We are older and have children entering college in 4 years. They have about enough to get them through 2 years. They used to have 3 times that before the ecomony went south. We have one who wants to go to medical school. What are our options

Honestly, I would stay away from penny stocks right now unless you’re trading by the hour (that costs more to trade that way too). Market is too volatile. There are alot of good stocks out there that are down and could be decent buys. Buuuuut, if the market turns down again you might have to park your money for awhile to keep from realizing a loss. There are quite a few brokerages out there that are decent…Fidelity, TD, Scottrade, E-trade. I know E-trade had a deal where you get 100 free trades when you sign up, might look into that. Otherwise, you’ll be spending 7-15 bucks per trade (buy/sell).

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