Penny Stock Brokers

Penny Stock Brokers

How do I sell my penny stock – CGAQ ?

I bought this penny stock and now no brokerage firm will hold it. I’ve tried E-trade, Ameritrade, Morgan Stanley, etc and there compliance departments will not allow the deposit. I spoke to the owner of the company CGAQ and he has no suggestions. Please tell me how I get this off my hands. Thank you.

How did you buy this stock if not through a brokerage account?

It is shown as trading on the pink sheets but if none of the brokers will allow you deposit it for compliance reasons it appears you have been ‘hoodwinked’ into buying a worthless piece of paper.

Since the company is offshore, there is likely nothing you can do if the company won’t buy it from you.

Beginner's Guide to Investing in  Canadian & US Pot Stocks: No Brokers Needed; No Minimum Purchase!

Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Canadian & US Pot Stocks: No Brokers Needed; No Minimum Purchase!


Why Pot Stocks? I’ve been interested in the stock market since the early 80’s. In 1997, I was watching Amazon’s stock. I was running a homebased business and was already doing drop-shipping, to customers so it was exciting to see what things new online ‘bookstore’ was going to accomplish. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I watched this stock soar, but I let that old spirit of FEAR stop …

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The Theaetetus of Plato (Hackett Classics)


M. J. Levett’s elegant translation of Plato’s Theaetetus, first published in 1928, is here revised by Myles Burnyeat to reflect contemporary standards of accuracy while retaining the style, imagery, and idiomatic speech for which the Levett translation is unparalleled. Bernard William’s concise introduction, aimed at undergraduate students, illuminates the powerful argument of this complex dialo…

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