Penny Stocks 2013

penny stocks 2013
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What website can you purchase Penny stocks?

What website can I use to PURCHASE penny stock shares? I also want to know has anyone ever bought or traded, Penny stocks? and How long did it take to get a profit?

I brought AAMRQ which is now AMR and my YTD earning as of July 12th 2013 is 526.42%.I recently sold that account yesterday. The 526% earnings may sound good but let say that you invest 1.00 that is only 5.26. The more money you invest the better the pay off for you…. Penny stocks generally have a bad name and to be honest here, there is a reason for that. Statistically speaking, 95% of the penny stocks out there are not good investments. Many of them can be absolutely ridiculous but at first glance, it can be hard to tell apart the top penny stocks from the rubbish ones unless you understand the literal definition of trading with penny stocks. When it comes to penny stocks, it is important to know who you can bring yourself to trust. Penny stocks are not for everyone so obviously before getting started with the concept, you need to brainstorm a little, asking yourself pertinent questions. Are penny stocks right for you? What are the risks you might run into? What are the biggest pitfalls going around out there? To direct you to high quality shares that can really multiply your investment dollars, Truepenny Stocks has a team of members absolutely dedicated to finding companies that have proven management teams, rock solid fundamentals, growing market shares and an excellent upside potential.. To be honest, If you are on the internet asking for investment advice for Penny Stocks than Penny Stocks are not for you. Seek mutual fund investments.

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SK3 Group Inc. (SKTO) Penny Stock Trading Chart_10/11/2013

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