Capital Stock Gdp

capital stock gdp
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Would you work in private equity in this economy?

Would you work in that industry now and if not would you in 15 years?

Sorry. I don’t understand your question thoroughly. However, there are two assumptions about your question.
1) Hong Kong is the most uncertain city to live in this world. There’s no pension fund for the aged, except those privately paid pension fund as the bills passed about eight years ago. It was work as your employer contributed partial of the so called compulsory pension usually slightly higher than the employee. There was a upper limit contribution and, if the salary, say, only paid HK $1,000 per month, no contribution was needed for either party. Hong Kong is a city for the rich and civil servants only.
2) Hong Kong civil servants are the highest paid in this world, coupled with those government funded institutional professionals, Hong Kong public services (government funded or paid public projects plus the above-described) have sucked up 70% of the total GDP.
Simply means, if you are not a high income worker in Hong Kong, your life will be miserable till you retire.
I saved a lot of money when I was young by working for the US army camp cook for three years in the US, production workers in the wig and bra manufacturers for more than 10 years, many years as a security guard, and partial owner of a sea food restaurant for years. I did work for my private equity for the past 60 years. I am aged 84 and never invested in stock markets, never buy any bonds and funds in the banks. Unlike many of my friends invested in the PCCW, Lehman Brothers mini bonds, warrants, and accumulator. Many of them became poor and a few become flat broke in Hong Kong. I saved a lot of money and enjoyed many overseas trips during or after the Hong Kong stock market crashed. My money is all well-managed without losing a penny for the past 60 years. I don’t earn much interest though.
I am regret that I didn’t apply immigration to countries like Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. My health is getting worsen each day in Hong Kong because of the air pollution. My asthma and high blood pressure make my life with least enjoyment and hope in this god damned and International Capital of Scams of real estate and stock shares transactions. You should start your private equity without any risk of investment in stock market of high hope for high yield.

ETX Capital Daily Market Bite, 15th May, 2013: European Stocks Softer After EuroZone GDP

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