I’ve decided to upgrade the Gold Membership, and, consequently the prices, from an amateur/semi-professional level, to a professional level, where you will receive the quantity and quality of services that you are paying for. I recognize that in the past, sometimes, and, also due to bad market conditions, you did not receive the quantity and quality you were paying for.

So, beginning next Monday(tomorrow 08-12-2013), this service will include a daily message, posted on the General Discussion topic of the paid boards, but, also sent to the Gold members’ emails, like a newsletter, at least 30 minutes before the market open, with:

- 5 stocks to buy between .0001 and $1.

- 5 stocks to buy between $1 and $5.

- 5 stocks to buy over $5 (I will include here the so called blue chips, like Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc)

- 5 stocks to short sell (for the ones that like, and, can short the market)

- A detailed analysis of the DOW JONES, with prediction of the direction.

- I will also post on the General Discussion topic (on the paid boards) at least an annotated chart per day (of one of the stocks we are trading, but, could also be another stock that is doing something I find important to show you).

- I will recommend at least 1 stock per week (guaranteed), however, I will try to recommend 1 stock per day (no guarantee, depending of the market conditions).

- The strategy will change completely, long term trades like ATRN or CERP will be exceptions, not the rule.

- I will adapt the strategy to the market behavior/conditions.

- I will write one article per week, talking in detail about one of the indicators I use, or about candlestick patterns I like.

You know I am a one man show business, but, some things that happened sometimes in the past, due to lack of motivation, caused by the market, will not happen anymore, you will pay, you will have the service you will pay for, period. Exceptions will be sickness (I am human, so it is possible) vacation (I will try to not take more than 2 weeks at once), and, holidays (here I will also take off at least some German holidays, even if the market is open, I live in Germany, and, I have the right to be with the family like all the other people here).

New prices

1 month = $75

3 months = $200 (a discount of $25, + or – 10% over the normal price of $225)

6 months = $380 (a discount of $70, + or – 15% over the normal price of $450)

12 months = $695 (a discount of $205, + or – 23% over the normal price of $900)

I will offer the opportunity to get the $350 price to everyone, Gold members that want to upgrade to 12 months, free forum members, or even people that visits the site, and, want to subscribe, but, this offer will be for a very short time, you need to pay until 08-15-2013, this is a 60% discount over the new price without discount ($75 x 12 = $900), so I think it is a very good offer.

It is not all, to guarantee that I will give my best, I will give a money back guarantee of not 1, not 2, but 3 months. If after 3 months, you are not satisfied, just send me a PM(private message), and, I will refund you ALL your money, every cent you already paid during these first 3 months. This guarantee begins NOW (with the new service), and, you need to pay at least for 3 months before you ask for a refund.

More, if you subscribed for 6 or 12 months, and, you are not satisfied, I will refund you the money of the days until the end of your subscription ( example, you subscribed for 12 months, you used 132 days, I will refund you the money of 233 days, the year has 365 days, so suppose you paid $350, $350 : 365 days = $.959 per day X 233(the rest of the time until the end of the subscription) = $223.

So if you are a visitor of this blog or of my forum here: , and, want to get in, register as a member of the forum here: as soon as possible, I will approve the registrations manually, (please do not forget I am in Germany time zone) if you are already a free member, go to your profile page, and, on the left side, click the Paid Subscriptions link, and, use the $350 link to subscribe, if you are already a Gold member, but, you have not a yearly subscription, send me a PM(private message), and, I will tell you what to do to upgrade.

Just don’t lose the opportunity to get a lifetime subscription for only $350, even protecting you from new future price increases, this web site will be a life changer, and will never be the same, I am firmly decided to get it to a much higher level.

This offer is ONLY until next Thursday, 08-15-2013.

Take a look on my Past Performance page:

A good rest of Sunday for everyone.

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