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How does this look on my resume if I am applying for a job at an investment firm?

I am going to be a junior in college this fall so I don’t have much professional experience working with investments. I do have experience in investing and trading stocks though. So if I were to add the following items on my resume under the “Hobbies and Skills” section, would it look impressive or would it look no good. All of the following is true by the way:

┬ĚHas a passion for researching equities.
┬ĚRecently started managing $90,000 of family portfolios, which include equities and options.
┬ĚRealized a 40% gain year over year in a model portfolio from 2006-2007.

As I said, this would be listed under the “hobbies and skills” section of the portfolio. I also have a few more things listed there so it is not like this is the only thing.

Thanks for answers.

Well…so much for the “uninformed” trying to give “amateurish and nonsensical advice”. Geez.

Sorry, I’m tired, should have been in bed already…but “hey”…I’m trying to help someone out here!!!

First of all…What kind of job do you want with an investment firm? There are many…Bond traders, merger & acquisition consultants, floor traders, options traders, commodities traders, treasury/agency/CMO’s,…yada-yada-yada…as well as all the standard…and not so standard…administrative positions.

If, as most people are assuming…me too…you want to be a Financial Advisor/ Stock Broker/ Financial Planner, etc etc…working with individuals versus institutions…then DON’T INCLUDE ANYTHING that you’ve listed.

Investment companies…one’s I’ve worked for…and the one I STILL work for… don’t care “squat” about how much you LIKE to “research equities”, enjoy “managing 90k” in assets, or made “hypothetically” a good return for a “pretend” portfolio.

Here’s your “appropriate” resume format for most “Investment companies” hiring “Financial Advisors”:
-Phone number

Education: (High school and college and ?)
Work History: (if none…list apprenticeships, etc…or skip?)
Computer Literacy: (maybe)
Hobbies(?): (see below)
Community Groups/Affiliations: ( =contacts for leads later?)
Languages: (more than one?)

A cover letter is where you would state “goals and ambitions”…but, please…keep it “business-like”…no Oprah, Tyra Banks, Uncle Phil…uh, Dr. Phil type touchy feely crap…if you want to work in the “real world” of finance and business…dry that spot behind your ears, wipe your nose, “buck-up” as they say and act like the man your want to become!!! Your cover letter should be similar to a letter to shareholders…but short…like a one-pager from Warren Buffet or similar. Yes, a one-page cover letter and a one-page resume. You get to impress your “prospective employer” by showing up (even to fill out an application) in a suit and tie, by speaking intelligently and confidently, and by showing an earnest interest do doing well financially…for yourself, the firm, and the cllent!!!!!

You CANNOT have enough experience to “qualify” to manage the assets of someone who has already 1) ran a successful business for years 2) saved 100k+ over a lifetime..or the last 2-5 years 3) has 5 million in liquid cash and another 5-10 million in properties (residential/commercial?). You “can” grow into it…by joining a reputable firm that will “train you”/ “educate you” and enable you to “survive” in the business to eventually be qualified to be in a room with the people I’ve just described. Because, “pretending” to know more than you do…can lead to losing a grandmother’s lifesavings that can’t “make it back” through employment…and that would be a terrible thing to have hanging over your soul…and you never want to be that person. Never gamble with someone else’s money… yours… sure, it’s yours…not someone else’s.

The “investment company” doesn’t care about your 90k….that’s a “small account” in our world…and many of my peers won’t even take them as a client. 40% in a year, big deal, many people do that…consistency is the key…what happened next…all gone?….dropped back to 20%… doesn’t matter…it’s “pretend” money…I always win at Monopoly…can I manage your 5 Billion dollar commercial project, with no “real” experience? (but I own Park Place and all 4 utilities!!!)

Investment firms want someone that is ETHICAL…that WON’T be trading stocks and options for a group of clients with 90k accross multiple accounts…it’s too high risk…for YOU..the firm and the clients…if you mess up…it’s your license and career that’s gone…along with the money!!! ETHICAL, willing to WORK HARD, is INTELLIGENT, seems SINCERE, and will a sense of TRUST in their clients/prospective clients. If clients sense that you are honest and ethical and have their best interest at heart…and you stick with financial basics…you and they will do well.

Basics. In the application stage, and starting out…that’s the key…and don’t try to impress a future manager with “minor” things like “investment experience” that doesn’t qualify as either “investments” or “experience”. If you want to list hobbies..include, sailing, learning languages, playing in chess tournaments….something that shows you are a “well-rounded” mentally/emotionally healthy individual who can cope with the stress of a “stressful” job…but bullet points only…leave the “dribble” to the cover letter…if you can’t help yourself.

…and I’m tired…. goodnight.

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